Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our school had a "Read In" on Friday during school. They had politicians, doctors, army people, firemen, policemen, and even Smokey Bear come to read a patriotic book to each class. Charlee had Officer Cramer read her class "Abraham Lincoln". Then she went outside and got to sit on his motorcycle and make the siren go off. I asked Oaklee who read to her and she said the following:

Oaklee: We had Officer Cramer. He is really good with children.
Mom: How do you know that?
O: He has six kids and he likes to read to them.
M: What was his name?
O: Officer Simpson... You know like Homer Simpson.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today I am so thankful for the Plan of Salvation. I was able to attend a funeral of a family friend this morning and was so grateful for the knowledge that I have. I know that she is with her husband and family members and I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. Journee's 2nd birthday would have been this past Saturday. It is a bitter sweet feeling when I think of my two angels. I am so thankful that I have 2 perfect children waiting for me, but I am sad that they are not with me. I wonder if that will ever pass. I love my family's dynamics now. We work well together and I can't wait until I meet with my whole family one day in the presence of my Savior.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Oh, Jaxson!

Jaxson had a couple of doosies this weekend, so here goes:

Grandma: Oh, no, I forgot one of the pans of potatoes in the oven at home.
Jaxson: That's OK, grandma, some people like burnt food.

Talking with my Uncle Marlow:

Marlow: Jaxson, did you know that when I was a kid, we did not even have TV?
Jaxson: Why didn't you just watch TV on your phone?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Charlee's letter to the Easter Bunny

We went on a date tonight and came home to find a letter Charlee wrote to the Easter Bunny. Her exact words were:


We are sarry for being bad. We hope you still give us preasents.


The Barry Family

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Jaxson Conversation

Jax: Mom, I need my own check book.
Mom: Why?
J: To buy important stuff.
M: What kind of important stuff?
J: You know toys and McDonald's and Circle K.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I went to get a blood draw today and had the following conversation with my smart little boy.

Jax: Mom, How do they get the blood back into your body?
Mom: They don't. My body makes more blood.
J: How?
M: It just does. Remember when I had a tube put blood into my arm after Trevee was born?
J: When is Trevee going to come live with us?
M: She isn't.
J: The scriptures say she will come back when Jesus comes back. When will I get to live with Jesus?
M: Not for a very long time. First you have to grow up and be a dad.
J: I can't be a dad. I don't have a job or any money. Well, I do have a mud job.
M: What's a mud job?
J: It's where I make food out of mud in the backyard, but it doesn't pay anything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oaklee came into my bedroom tonight wearing only a green, plastic hula skirt. I asked her if she was naked under and she said, "Nope, I am camoflaged" She was wearing bright green panties under it. Then she started to scratch and said, "I am glad we don't live in Hawaii. These skirts are itchy." Oh, it gets better. Then she took off her skirt and laid it over the crate that is Froggy's house and said, "Look, Mom. I made Froggy's house into a hut!"
My brother , Greg, and his wife Nancy have chickens. Jaxson wanted to know how the chickens lay eggs. He asked Nancy if, "the chickens have little workers in there that make the eggs".

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funny Kids

I'm Back!
Oaklee:" Dad, can you please help me teach Froggy how to spell his name. He keeps writing Forgy instead of Froggy"

Oaklee came into my room after bedtime and said, "Mom, I have 2 questions and a statement for you."

Jaxson started to play t-ball. He got hit with the ball and his coach came over laughing and told us that Jaxson said, "Coach Tom, that ball hit me in the wiener." Classy!

Charlee: "Mom, I have bad gas. Can I have a Gas X Strip?"

Jaxson: "I got really strong because I drink lots of water and only one coke a day."

Jaxson: "Mom, it was cold in the shave at school today."

Oaklee: "Who wants an ice cube? I do!"

Charlee hid Grandpa's remote and played the cold and hot game for him to find it.  Poor Grandpa!

Charlee came up with 10 pranks to play on Grandma Randee on April Fools Day.
examples: dump a box of cereal into her bed, short sheeted her bed, turned off her water and electric, put saran wrap on the toilet so she would pee on herself... you get the drift. When Grandma came over to toilet paper our house to get her back we went out and sprayed her with the hose:) Awesome Day!!