Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, Oaklee

At dinner Charlee asked Brian something and he responded with, "I'll think about it". Oaklee immediately comes back with, "Charlee, I'll think about it means no."

Date Night!!

So, I have been waiting for others to post silly pictures and/or videos, but I guess I am the only on the ball around here. j/k. We had a date night at the Hansen's house last week. It was so fun. Lotts of Chips, Dips, and Dorks. That's right. Dorks. We played the American Idol video game. Brooke sang all good, so no one wanted to follow that. They played tag and made everyone sing, and everyone did, except for Julia!!!! Brian and I were told by Randy that we were, "Not Good, Dog" and even Paula ragged on us. Here is a Picture of Brooke and the Pipps (aka Tara and Katie).

The girls were booood off of Britney Spears Oops I did It Again and then posed for this HOT picture.

We made the boys pose for a pic as well. We had to tell them to get closer 5 times, but don't they all look HOT, too. Joe eventually made himself comfortable on Brian and Matt. Isn't it funny how women cozy up and take pictures and guys have to be told to move in a bunch of times??
Today I put everyone down for naps and about 20 minutes later, I heard a banging sound coming from J's room. I went in to check it out. He was jumping on the bed with a drum around his neck playing music. It was so cute. Bad, but cute!!

Thanks Grandma Randee

Oaklee got Webkins for her birthday, and Charlee has really taken a liking to the pink cat. Her name is Sparkles. Charlee wanted to get Sparkles some clothes, but I am not willing to pay $10 for clothes for a fake cat. My mom used to scraps from the work scrubs she makes and made the cat some cute clothes. She made Oaklee's elephant, Lily, a skirt, but her bum was too big, so she is still perfecting that pattern. She made J's Rhino a "lava lava" (Male Hawaiian skirt) and it worked great. So thanks grandma for saving us $30.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun kid quotes

Charlee was watching the show Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon. When the show first began, Josh was a heavy kid. By the end of the series, he was skinny. Charlee asked, "Why in some of the shows is Josh "oval" and some he is straight down?". I thought oval was a great way to say it!!
Oaklee and Jaxson were playing with the pool table triangle, and somehow both Jax and Oaklee ended up with their heads stuck in it. Jax said AAHHH, and Oaklee calmly said, "This was not a good idea".
Jaxson sang "Twinkle twinkle little orange star" at the top of his lungs in Walmart today. When we went Costco, the guy behind the counter got a kick out of Jaxson pulling Oaklee's pig tail every time I turned around. When I would turn back, he let go and looked the other way.
Oh, the joy of kids!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's so hard to say goodbye...

Oaklee had to say goodbye to a dear friend and comforter tonight. Her "Bumpie" she so lovingly called it ripped in two this morning after being ripped over and over again. It was only about 1/4 the size of the original blanket. It was one of the striped ones from the hospital. At first, she just insisted on having a stripie blanket, any one would do. Later, she developed a love for the Bumpie called "my own". She could tell which one was "my own" by rubbing it on her face and smelling it (I did wash it every week). Slowly her own Bumpie started to get holes and be worn. Being carried and loved 24 hours a day will do that to a piece of cloth. Today was different. I tied the 2 remaining pieces together in hopes of extending Bumpie's life. Brian had to tie it again and tore it into 3 pieces. He let her draw pictures with a permanent marker on a new blanket. This let Oaklee think she could do without Bumpie and she placed him in the trash. When I came into Oaklee's room tonight to find Brian on her bed with her, I asked what was wrong. I found Princess Oaklee crying. It was heart breaking. I went into the garbage to pull it out. It smelled and was covered in food from being at the bottom of the trash. Brian says "it was time" and "the day had to come", but I did not want to see her cry. I was forced to be strong and she is going to bed with the new blanket. It doesn't have a name yet, but I am sure eventually it will be just as "loved" as Bumpie. May Bumpie Rest in Peace.

Brian thinks I am Steak!!

So, my mom was reading up on the death of actor Paul Newman on the Internet and she came across an old interview. The reporter asked him how he stayed married for 40+ years living in Hollywood. He replied, "Why would I go out for hamburgers when I have steak at home". I asked Brian if I was steak and he replied, "Yes, honey, I think you are steak!!" AAHHH How sweet!!

A Tribute to ChiChi from Jaxson

Push Pause on the music first to hear the funny video.

It is dark, but fabulous!

At the endo f the song, he is telling ChiChi to "blow out the candles, ChiChi".

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Got Tagged by Brooklynn

I got tagged by Brooklynn to go to my 4th folder and uplaod the 4th picture. Mine isn't cool or anything. I think this is a house Brian was using as collateral for one of his loans. Really Exciting!!, But now, I tag Dawn, Jen, Tara, Nancy, and Julia to do the same. We'll see if I am the only boring one out there!!

Trevee's Grave

Last night, Brian and I were able to go to the temple together. On our way, we stopped for dinner and went by Trevee's grave. There was not a marker, so we are going to have to work on that, but it was weird because her's was the only grave not covered with grass. I guess I thought it would be covered over by now, but I forgot that it has not been 4 weeks since we buried her. I was kind of happy to see she is buried by a baby boy named John who only had one date on his stone, too. On the bottom of his plaque, it said, "Together Forever" (Totally Mormon!!). I told Brian that they could find each other in heaven and be like, "Hey, our bodies are next to each other!!" I know, I need to get a life, but it makes me happy to think that she will have a future one day.

Topic: Insurance

Well, I got a bill from Good Sam for when I had Trevee. The grand total was $22,143.50. So, here is my question... What do you think the $.50 was for, a band aid??? No, I am sure a band aid is at least $2.00. The good thing is we only owe $250, so no prayers are being requested to protect Brian from a heart attack. I can't find the bill, but I think Jaxson cost around $110k and Oaklee was a little over $100K. I was in the hospital for about a month for each of them, so $22K seems excessive for only 4 days. Well, now I will not complain about our insurance premiums. It sure would stink to be a cash paying patient and have to worry about not wasting that $2.00 band aid or not squeezing out the last 50 cc's of fluid out of a saline bag.

The Worst Meal Ever!!!

I am not going to name the crappy place the kids and I went to for dinner the other night (Hint: It rhymes with "shmako sell" and is Mexican like food), but I will say it was the worst meal EVER. I have included the picture of my WEAK tostada. The kids got nachos and the little cups were not even 1/2 way full. I also got a popcorn chicken because this unnamed restaurant is combined with another unnamed chicken place (think Colonel Sanders, that is all I am going to say). The "Large" box of chicken had about 8 pieces of popcorn chicken in it and was less than 1/2 full, also. Charlee said, "This is the worst meal ever". I agreed, so I called the phone number on the receipt to speak to the manager about my dissatisfaction, Let's call him Mr. Burrito to conceal his identity. He said he was sorry and asked if I would like to have them replace my food. Did I want to come in now??? Let's see, I just drove from your crappy restaurant to eat not good food with my 3 complaining kids...NO!!! Mr. Burrito did say that we could go back any time to replace my order by giving the code word of his name, thus the identity concealation. Please enjoy the picture of the Worst Meal Ever!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Mom Day

Well, I decided to make cookies with my kids today. It was fun!! I don't think I have ever had so much fun making cookies. Usually I tell them not to put their fingers in the dough and yell the whole time and usually end up taking them off the counter crying. This time, Charlee helped by cracking the eggs (try to avoid shells in the cookies). Jaxson dumped the sugars in, and Oaklee ate a lot of dough. I let them put their fingers in it. It was fun instead of stressful. What is so wrong with fingers in the dough? Why had I always been so uptight about it? I think I am just now learning to pick my battles, and the verdict is in... Cookies are not that important. What is important is that my kids are happy and full of dough remembering the fun stuff, not the uptight mom.

Random Thoughts Thursday

I am always amazed when I say something to someone and they say that they read that on my blog. I wish I had a way to know who visits my blog without restricting access to anyone. I also googled myself (I know, how self absorbent), but I was excited to see that I am now googleable. I think that is a word. I see the technology that has become available in the last year and it astonishes me. When I was a senior in high school (My 10 year reunion is this year), one of my teachers asked us to use a reference from the Internet. I went onto Netscape Navigator to find one of the 10 articles on my subject. When I went to cite the reference at the end of my paper, there was no MLS standard for Internet resources. I am not that old, but this sure makes me feel that way. I think we are both blessed and cursed to have this knowledge at our fingertips. It can be very addictive, yet things we used to watch the news to be informed about can be researched any time. These are my thought for random thoughts Thursday. Have a good day, everyone.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stackin' with GoGo

On Monday, the kids played a new game with GoGo. There was 3 colors of little chairs. the point of the game was to see how high you could make the tower. Charlee, GoGo, and I strategically placed the chairs on top. Charlee was very good at the balancing part. When Oaklee played, she just dropped it on and never knocked the tower down. She just has good luck at stuff like this. It was amazing how much fun they had with a little chairs. Why do we buy all this crazy stuff for our kids when chairs make them so happy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eatin' Cheetos

I came in to see Jaxson only to find him sitting on the arm rest of the couch eating Cheetos. I ran to get my camera because I thought it was funny that he had his feet crossed, just relaxing. On Mon, Wed, and Fri, Jaxson and I get to be home alone while Charlee and Oaklee are both at school. For the first week, he just said, "Oakee Charwee", the entire time, but now, we hang. He thinks I am great. We read books, watch TV, and go shopping. If you ask Jaxson where he got something, no matter what it is, he says, "buy at walmart". What did I do before Super Walmart was right down the street??? It is like life before telephones or the internet. haha

Monday, September 22, 2008

Date Night with Dad!!

Brian took Charlee on a date tonight. They went to Walmart (I know, Hot Date!!). She had $8.75 that she had earned over the weeks and it has been burning a hole in her pocket. It was hard to convince her to pay her tithing on it. She said that she did not want to give the Bishop her money. We explained that the money went to help build temples and churches and that she needed to pay it. Eventually she gave in and was so excited to fill out the tithing slip all by herself. On the date, Brian took her to the garden section where she said, "Everything in here is lame", so they went to the toy section to make her spending happen. They had a very good time. It is things like spending time with her Dad that she will remember, not the $8.75 that she wasted on nothing. She bought a new pink soccer ball and even has change left over!!

Oaklee at the Doc

Oaklee went to the doctor today. We found out that her tonsils are "Extremely Large" and need to be removed. The ear, nose, and throat doctor took out Charlee's tonsils last year and put tubes in J's ears when he was 7 months old. Our family must genetically have large tonsils. I am sure Jax will be next. While we waited in the room, Oaklee was a poser. Here are some of her cute pics.

Oh and Happy Birthday to ChiChi!

Potty Mouths

I have 3 of the biggest potty mouths around for my children. Charlee, Oaklee, and Jaxson seem to get a big kick out of the words pee and poop. Yep, those are our big, racey words. Brian's mom, GoGo, made a new blog entry about her "Peeps" (people), helping her out.When she said the word peeps, Jaxson's face lit up and he started to laugh because GoGo said "peeps". On the way home, I said that we don't say pee. They all laughed because mom said pee. Then Charlee said the line of the day. "Mom, we live in a pee and poop world." yeah, I have gross kids. It makes me happy that these are the worst words they say...for now, I am sure.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Plan of Salvation

My friend, Tara gave a fabulous lesson today in church about the plan of salvation. I know that I have a testimony of the plan, but I know that not everyone knows about it. We believe that before we came to Earth, Heavenly Father asked us if we wanted to come to Earth and receive a body. Everyone on Earth said yes. While we are here, we are tried and tested and after we die, we get to live again with our Heavenly Father if we live righteously here. This is a very condensed version of The Plan of Salvation, but I felt impressed today that I needed to share this on my blog. If anyone wants to know more, you can ask me or go to www.lds.org and put in The Plan of Salvation in the search box. If you don't want to look, that is okay by me and I won't be offended and I don't intend to offend or change anyone's beliefs. I just know the peace that this brings to me and with all of the crappy stuff going on in everyone's lives, that peace sure is nice. I hope you all have a great day!! Happy Sunday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The story according to Jax

Jaxson is just learning to talk in full sentences. Tonight during dinner, Charlee and Oaklee were fighting and Oaklee bit Charlee's foot... I know, during dinner. Jaxson came to me and said, "Charlee owee. Oaklee bite da piggies". I thought it was so cute.

Stinky Feet

Why do little boys have such stinky feet? My girls feet don't smell, my feet don't smell, Brian's feet don't smell, but Jaxson's feet/ shoes can clear a room. I have friends that say the same thing about their little boys. My brothers always had stinky feet when we were growing up. My mom should have owned stock in odor eaters for my little brother, Montana. I wonder if it is just built into the "y" chromosome???
I realize the randomness of my posts today. I am not going crazy, but it is deep thoughts Friday!!! j/k

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh, Oaklee

Oaklee said I was beautiful today because I wear lotts of pretty make up. Should I feel complimented of offended???

Tennis with Dad and the athletic bunch

We took the kids up to the high school to play some tennis. The white line on the pictures is the net line. Poor Oaklee barely made it that high. Brian would hit them a ball and they were supposed to hit it back. This pic is them practicing their swings.
Charlee got pretty good and could return the balls. Jaxson got the hang of it by the end and could return a couple. Oaklee, on the other hand couldn't hit anything, but shortly realized her calling of being the ball shagger and had a blast. This is how Brian showed them how to swing.
At the end, Brian hit the ball against the wall hard and the kids thought he was the greatest tennis player alive. I think it gave Brian a self- esteem boost to have them think he was awesome.
Oh, and I think he is pretty awesome, too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"The Team"

Charlee says that Oaklee and Jaxson are a "team that does bad stuff together". I say that Oaklee is the brains and Jax is the brawn of the operation. Man were we right a couple of months ago. First, they poured a honey bear all over the sofa cushion. Luckily, we have leather couches, so Brian just had to wipe it off. Next, Jaxson came in all white. We asked what happened and Oaklee said she poured a can on him. It was a can of sticky, powdered buttermilk. Brian had to mop the floor while I gave the kids a bath.
Next...Oh yeah, there is a next...Charlee came in to say they did something bad in our room. Oaklee dumped a bottle of yellow Victoria's Secret lotion on Jaxson's head, then the two proceeded to rub it into the carpet in our room. We had to go to Lowe's at 7:30 at night to rent a carpet machine so Brian could clean it up. Brian was beside himself with anger. I just thought it was funny...Probably because I did not do any of the clean up. I love You, Brian!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trevee's Room

I decided to post a few pics of Trevee's room before it gets turned back into an office or "Charlee's Art Room"(that is her vote). I decorated it all when we found out that she was a girl. I knew I would be down in bed, so I did it early. At first I was sad to go in there, but now I feel very peaceful when I do. Hope you enjoy.

Plea to fellow bloggers...

I have been posting on other people's blogs today and have realized that the letters you have to type in before it will post your comments are dumb. They really serve no purpose but to drive the poster crazy, so, I plead with everyone to take that feature off!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

"On A Mission"

It is still hard to tell people who don't know about what happened to our baby. I had to make a dentist appointment and had to tell her why I wasn't pregnant anymore. It is hard to say what happened. Do I tell people who ask that I have 3 or 4 children? Nancy says she tells people both 3 and 5. She says that if she wants to explain it, she says 5, but if not, she says 3. Sometimes she says that she has 2 "on a mission". Some of us know what that means, so I guess I have four beautiful children with one "on a mission".

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun kid quotes

We were eating spaghetti tonight for dinner when Oaklee says, "Who wants to get me another piece of bread? Raise your hand."
Charlee stole one of Oaklee's new webkins (She got 3 for her b-day, so she shared). I got on the computer and Charlee said she needed to take the cat out of the room so it did not get sucked into the computer (because you play virtual games with your pet).
Jaxson calls grandma's sticky popcorn "Stinky popcorn" now...It is great, not stinky.

Oaklee's Fourth Birthday

Oaklee turns 4 Today. On Saturday, we had a small party for her. We had cake and Ice cream and a lot of fun. Enjoy the slide show!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And the worst mom award goes to...

Scottee!!! That is right, on Friday, I won the award when at 10:15, Valley Academy gave me a ring to inform me that Charlee was in the office because school let out at 10. That is right , the reminder phone call about the half day the night before from the school completely slipped my mind. I walked up to the school 15 minutes later to find little Charlee on a chair inside the office. She waved at me through the glass door- soooo cute. They said that she ate a sucker and hung out, but I felt so bad. I was talking to my new future sister in law, Treslee, last night. (She is marrying Brian's little Bro Rich this fall.) I was so happy to hear that she, too had done this before. Please let me know. Are we the only ones?? Share your comments and stories to make us feel better.

Busy Busy Busy

Well, I was such a good mom yesterday that I did not even have a chance to post. Just kidding, I took a nap. Yesterday we found out that one of our friends from before we were married was killed in a car accident. His wife is due any day with their 4th child. It is sad that their little children will not get to know their father. It makes me happy to know that they are an eternal family who will be together forever. Since losing Trevee, I have a new outlook on death. We are never ready for people to leave us here on earth, but through the atonement, we can be with them again. Please pray for Matt's family and for those in need. I hope I can be the kind of person that people know what I believe and how I feel. Love you all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goal of the week!

I am happy to report that there are more good days than bad. I have not cried very much lately and this makes me happy. I was telling Nancy today that it has been 2 weeks since Trevee was born. It feels like a lifetime ago. I wanted to thank all of you for your love, support, and prayers. I recognize Heavenly Father's hand in so many things in my life. Things that bugged me before about my kids just seem okay. I think that one of the most important things I learned through this is to not put anything off. When my kids want me to sit and read with them or just play with them, I need to drop the dishes and laundry and just do it. Let's all make this our goal of the week, to be better to the kids we do have.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spring Spa Day!!

Spring Spa Day... Well, Kind of. We all met Aunt Mindy for haircuts and highlights (Only me on the latter). We cut a lot off of Oaklee's hair. She looks so cute. Charlee just got a trim, and Jaxson, who needs the haircut more than anyone, avoided the scissors because I couldn't cut off those cute curls.
Oaklee's Long Hair.
Oaklee's short haircut.
more short hair
Mom, Mindy, and Charlee
Jaxson with a sucker

Blog Nerd...The Next Generation

This is a funny pic of Oaklee playing on our computer. It is funny how smart she is. She can get on the Internet, click on favorites, then get to Playhouse Disney all by herself. It is pretty funny. Oh, and she knows how to use the scroll wheel on the mouse. I just learned that!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Labor Day Pool Party

Cute Daddy and Jaxson.

Scottee holding Torel's baby, Hayyden.

Goggled beauties, Oaklee, Afton, and Charlee (and Grandpa).

Brian and the kids swimming.

Potty Time!!

This morning, Grandma got to watch Oaklee and Jaxson while I took Charlee to school. Oaklee had to go potty, so mom told her to run and go. A minute later, Mom heard a little yelp for help. Mom went in to find Oaklee with one foot on the stool and a large puddle beneath her feet. Mom asked what happened and in a little voice, Oaklee replied, "There is a bug in the potty". There was a cricket in the potty and there was no way Oaklee was going to sit on the potty with that in there. Then again, neither would I.


For all of you South Carlsbad State Beachers, I have news. Costco just came out with the "Fine Cutlery" in forks only. That is right, no more boxes of leftover knives. This is so exciting. I know, I need to get a life.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Murmuring...Yea or Neigh?

Laman and Lemuel murmured against Nephi when things got tough, but when they got to their wits end, they quit the murmuring and prayed to our Heavenly Father. Yesterday, I wanted to murmur so badly, but I could not bring myself to do it. I am so blessed and protected that I felt that if I complained, it was like I was telling Heavenly Father that I did not appreciate all of the comfort and care that he gives me. Charlee woke up Friday night 4 times throwing up. Of course it was the fathers and sons camp out, so Brian and Jax were gone. On Saturday morning, she was still throwing up with a high fever and major abdominal pain. We went to the doctor and eventually Phoenix Children's Hospital for possible appendicitis. Yeah, because we had nothing else to do for the entire day. The thing that impressed me most about my friends and family was the immediate help we received. Dan Conner turned around to find Brian and tell him what was going on while he fished, Brenda took Oaklee, and my mom and I took Charlee. I am so grateful to all of them for their help. After an abdominal CT, the doctors thought her appendix had already burst because they could not see it, but they decided to have an ultrasound done just to be sure. The doctor said it was about a 70% shot she would need surgery. During the ultrasound, we found her 4mm, non-inflamed, perfect little appendix and the final report was given....It was GAS!! Yes, Heavenly Father was looking out for us and Brian even made it to the second half of the ASU Football game (Oh yeah, We won!!). So we all need to learn that murmuring sure makes it hard to be grateful for what we do have... oh and there is such a thing as children's Gas X! Love Ya!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Faith in small packages

Last night my faith was strengthened by two special little girls. I went into Charlee and Oaklee's room to find them crying about missing their sister. I hugged them and we cried, but I realized that Trevee would want us to be happy. When Brian got home from the store, He hugged them and Oaklee said "Dad, Can I have a blessing so I won't be sad". Brian and I were taken back and Charlee asked for one, too. They got fathers blessings and both felt better. My mom says that this may happen from time to time and that it is probably healthy to share it instead of bottling it up. Trevee would want us to be happy and I will try to be happy everyday for her.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More from Scottee

I know that I have been writing about Trevee so much this week because she is all I seem to think about. I miss her. I miss having a fat tummy, yes, Allison, you will miss that. I want so badly to hold her. I want to be able to tell my other strong kids that she will come home. I am sad that I can't do these things. I want to be strong, but I struggle with the heartache. I know where Trevee is. I know she is with my loving Heavenly Father, but selfishly I want her here with me. I am so thankful for the love I get from all of you. I am amazed at how therapeutic it is to write about her and my feelings and share them all with you. Thank you all for reading my thoughts. It means so much to me to have you care about my family.

Trevee Smiles!!

Totally Weird. The hospital gave me a disk with some pictures that they took of Trevee. I was scared to look at it because I was afraid that they would not be as nice as mine, but I was wrong. They posed her like a baby (Her huge booties are actually only 1 inch big) and she is smiling in the pictures. I know that sounds nuts, but she is. My aunt Jann always said that my babies came out smiling because everyone smiled within the first week, and Trevee was no exception. I do know that this is not possible, but look for yourself. Click on the picture to see her smile!! My beautiful baby girl is happy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Oaklee

Oaklee has a great sense of humor. She makes us laugh with her insightful questions. On Monday, we went to a swim party at Aunt Jann's house. She used to have a big dog named Yoshi. I asked Brian where the dog was and Oaklee responded, "The dog went to play with baby Trevee." It was so cute. I guess to her, that is a good thing. Her teacher says that she is so smart and her wit is so fabulous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cutest Hubby on the Block

Since all of this happened, Brian has developed a 6th sense about me. He seems to call when I need it and for some reason he keeps finding me crying in the shower or just needing a hug. He hugs me for as long as I want and doesn't think I am silly for having my mental moments. So, I nominate Brian as the Cutest Hubby on the Block. He will probably be so embarrassed about this post, but do I have any seconds???

Monday, September 1, 2008

Trevee's hands and feet

This is baby Trevee's hands and feet. I put a quarter on the paper so you could see the actual size of her hands. They look fake, but they were perfect with 10 fingers and 10 toes.