Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love The Temple

When I have a big decision to make, I like to go to the temple and ponder my question. I find it is easier to feel guidance from the Lord if I am in the quiet, lovely temple. I am scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday to have my tubes tied. I was not so sure of this decision. It tears me apart to think that there will be no more Barry babies, but I know that my body is not meant for having kids. In the temple with Brian, I realized that I have 3 beautiful children here as well as 2 little angels waiting for me in heaven. In our church, we believe that we have life before and after this life. We believe that we chose to come to this earth and have the challenges here to prove ourselves. Losing my babies was just another challenge and I am thankful for it. We believe that after we leave this earth, we will have a chance to learn and grow more. I will raise my sweet babies then. I will be able to add to my family then. People who can not have children in this life will be blessed to have children then, too. This is just what I believe. I do not think I could make the choice to end my child bearing options or live through a day without Journee or Trevee if I did not have faith in these principals. So, on to the doctor on Tuesday. I am most worried about not being able to eat for 8 hours. I get very grouchy if food is withheld from me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Barry Family Reunion at The Cabin

We went to Heber, Az and had a fun filled week with the entire Barry Family.
The first night, we found that Jaxson had crawled into bed with the girls. It was cute until about 2 in the morning when Jax and Oaklee rolled into eachother and started fighting. We played with water balloons and a parachute.
Brian did the zip line... Fully dressed, I may add!!(note to Devin)
Oaklee did the zip line, too. She looks a little scared in the picture, but she loved it!
Charlee was too whimpy and had to ride with dad. She got braver later in the week and had a go alone. She liked that, too.
Me and my honey.
This was the cabin.
Greg's wife, Alli, helped us all make tye dye shirts.

This is our whole family in our cute t-shirts. Thanks, Alli!!

Brian's mom bought these huge marshmellows. We dipped them into flour and had a war. When they hit you, they made a flour blotch on your clothes...
In Jaxson's case, a blotch on his head. It isn't fun till someone cries.
It rained, so we did not have a fire (Except when Devin made fajitas over coals while it hailed outside). This is how we made s'mores.
The last night got a little scary. After the kids went to bed, the adults found that there were adult costumes as well as kids dress up clothes upstairs. This is a great pic of the boys. From left to right: Rich, Adam, Greg, Ryan, Devin, and Brian.
Left to right: Allison, Mindy, Brooklynn, Scottee, Anya (Bottom Row), Treslee, and Brenda.

It was such a fun week.
Thanks, John and Brenda for the fun memories!!

Charlee's Last Day of Kindergarten

Can you believe my little Charlee is going to be in 1st grade?? I can't, she is just so dang cute. Charlee and her teacher, Miss Campeau.
Charlee and Dawnya had a contest. Charlee's tower fell just before the end of the game.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oaklee Graduated!!... From Preschool

Oaklee had her last preschool graduation on Monday. Now it is off to Kindergarten. Mrs Lorene and Mrs Carolyn do such a great graduation party. They gave the kids all a cute pair of giggle goggles and a diploma and report card. Luckily, Jax will be attending Lorene's school next year. I can't imagine taking a year off. Here are some cute pics from the day.
Oaklee and her BFF, Paige. Mrs Lorene, Oaklee, and Mrs Carolyn posing it up.
Oaklee was very careful with all of her things.
Getting her diploma... oh the tears and pride!!
Waving at me. I am so proud to have that little monkey as mine!!
It was a beautiful day... hot, but beautiful. Why does it already have to feel like summer??
Good job, Lorene. I am so proud of you and Oaklee.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Steps

So, I am trying to eat healthy and exercise and hopefully get skinny. A chink was thrown into this plan when my ankle started to make me cry on the treadmill, so I went to the doctor and had xrays. I do not have a stress fracture, but I have severe shin splints. They hurt. Well, I figured out that I can go on my elliptical as long as I wear a brace and I am fine. Today, I was great, I got up and put on my workout clothes (One sure way for me to get around to it). I worked out for 35 minutes... then I made toffee and ate a bunch. Baby steps... That is the key:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hanging With My Girls

It was the fathers and sons camp out this weekend and Brian and Jaxson went to camp and have male bonding. I stayed home with my cute ladies. On Friday night, we went to the movies to see Monsters vs Aliens. We ate dinner in the theater and ate popcorn and m&ms. The girls giggled the whole movie. After, we went to Brian's parents house and they got to play with their cousins. When we got up this morning, we cleaned up a little and went to get pedicures. It was so fun!! Oaklee's legs were not long enough to reach the water, so they added extra water so her toes could dip. She picked a silver polish and got a pretty flower. Charlee picked a fluorescent pink and got white polka dots. She laughed so much when they scrubbed her feet:). I would say that that is a fun activity for $10. I have a hard enough time having Brian agree to a quarterly pedi for myself, so this will NOT be a habit, but it was sure fun to watch. We had such a nice weekend. I sent my camera with the boys camping, so I have no pics of the fun, but we sure made some great memories.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My BIG Boy!!

I took Jaxson to the doctor today for his 3 year appointment (Bad mom, 3 months late). He was so big!! He was in the 75th percentile for weight and the 95th for height. We have never had a tall child before. Oaklee has always been in the 5-10th percent. Charlee was pretty middle of the road, but Jax is HUGE!! After he got his shot, he said, "Mommy, why that lady hurted me?" He is such a sweet, loving little man. I am so glad he is in my family:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Words

On our way to Disneyland, Oaklee told Brian, "This hill is a bi***". What??? Yeah, Brooklynn sat up to look as we asked what she said... She meant PITCH. Like a high slope. At least that is what I am going to think. We don't say that. People at her school don't say that. It must be the dang Disney Channel:) or one of her movies.
Another bad word is DIET. Yeah, I started eating healthier and exercising this week. So far so good. I would like to get back in my normal clothes and out of my fat pants. I realize I had a baby less than 3 weeks ago, but still, I want to feel cute again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Picture Day

Grandpa took the kids and Mason and Peyton on a quad ride. When they came home, baby Peyton was snoring in Grandpa's arms. Too many kids in my bed!!
Brian was sick on his birthday, so he blew the candles out to the side:)
My bruised up arm. Dang IV's. I got poked 12 times in 2 days in the hospital. I have bad veins.
Charlee made paper dolls of our family. Aren't Trevee and Journee so cute!! Charlee glued them to my doll so they would not get lost. (They have large princess sleeves, not big boobs:))

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funny Kids

On the way to Disneyland, Brian had to leave a message on his work phone saying he would be out of the office. He made the mistake of trying to do this in the car with the kids. The second he started to record, we said to be quiet and Jaxson started to blow raspberries on his arm. He made fart sounds through the whole message... twice... Brian had to get out of the car to make the new message a little more professional.

When Charlee was little, my cousin Jason lived close to us and visited a lot. One day we went to JC Pennys to buy something and when we got home, Charlee told Grandma we went to "Jason's Panties". We remembered this tonight and laughed our way through Jason's Panties ourselves.

Oaklee is a little fireball. She uses very large words and usually in the right form. When she goes to bed, Brian does a little dance for the kids every night. After it is over, she says, "I do my jump like this and this and this and my favorite this". She is our special kid and we love her.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Charlee

Charlee was born SIX years ago today at 1:27 in the morning.
She was so beautiful.
As she got bigger, she still looked just as beautiful. April 2007
She loves to dance and sing. She loves to get and give hugs and tell us she loves us.
She is a poser in pictures.
Happy Birthday, Beautiful girl!! I love you so much and I am so honored to be your mom. You have the sweetest spirit and the most beautiful smile. I can't imagine our family without you in it!!
She spent the afternoon with GoGo and Grandpa playing games and having one on one time. Tomorrow, she will spend some time with Grandma and have cake on Sunday. That's my girl!! Celebrate for the WHOLE weekend.

A Rant From Scottee

So, I was telling Brian that I know that we don't need to have any more kids. I feel like there is no one else waiting to come down here to our family. After Trevee, I knew that Journee was waiting to come down here, but now I am at peace that we have all of our kids. I guess I may feel like someone is missing because 2 of my babies are not here on Earth with me. I don't mind seeing babies or pregnant women like I did after Trevee was born, but I still get bugged when people take these precious babies for granted. They are gifts from God and are his children. They need to be cherished and loved. I am guilty of yelling at my kids as all of us do on occasion, but we can't just think they come here easily. I don't like to see pregnant people smoke. Why does the drug abuser pregnant lady have a baby and I don't get to have my babies? Things like that bug me. Everyone, go hug your kids and be grateful that you have been entrusted to have them. Teach them the right way to be because you are accountable for it. Not for what they do in the long run, but for how we teach them. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We had a great time at Disneyland.
Cute Brian and Scottee at the end of a LONG 2 days!Jaxson on It's A Small World.
Oaklee and her Daddy.
Brooklynn and Oaklee on a boat.
Meeting Mickey Mouse.
We loved Mrs. Incredible.
Waiting in the bumper cars line.
We loved Toon Town this trip. Here we are in Goofy's car.
Dancing at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play.
Oaklee Dancing.
What a cute, happy family!!
We ate lunch with Ariel and all of her princess friends.
Jaxson loves Lightning McQueen and Mater.
Oaklee was in AWE of Snow White.
Charlee got a Belle dress for her early Birthday present. Cute Twins!!
All of the girls with Ariel.
Our family outside of Ariel's Grotto. It was so fun. Anyone with little princesses at home need to dine with the princesses. They come to your table and talk to your kids. It is great.
Riding the carousel.

We had so much fun at Disneyland.
I am sure glad Journee suggested it!!

FYI:Oaklee was too short to ride most of the rides, but Jaxson and Charlee got to ride some fun ones. Poor Oaklee, she may be tall enough for Indiana Jones by the time she is 12:)