Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

What a year!! In the last 12 months, Charlee started Kindergarten, We prepared for and buried two of the best babies ever who deserve to be here with us, My parents have gotten a divorce after 30 years, I sold and moved out of my dream home that I designed and built with the best husband ever... and I survived.

Today, I am thankful that I made it. I hope there are easier times to come. I love my kids. I would do anything for them so they don't have to feel pain. I am thankful for a great husband who lets me cry when I need to and also makes me be strong. I can do this. I already did this. I am thankful for my beliefs in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is truly how I made it through this year. All in all, I would rank this is my crappiest years yet!! I am sure there are better years to come!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Big 1-0-0!!

Charlee and I have been reading all this summer. I felt bad at her end of the year awards ceremony last year that she only turned in 1 reading log, so this summer, I decided that we would read at least 2 books a day and see how much her reading improved. Today, we reached 100 books this summer. She is getting so much better. She is very smart and beautiful and I love her so much for her sweet spirit.
Oaklee has a funny little brain when she reads. We can read a book from the library one day and read it again 2 weeks later and she can remember the words and tell me the story word for word without having to sound them out... weird. She is getting pretty good at reading, too.

I am so proud of my smart girls:)

Fantastic Quotes

This morning, I asked the kids why we sneeze. Oaklee replied, "Because Heavenly Father invented sneezes".

I told Brian I had a date I wanted to go on and he asked if he had to wear pants. I thought it was pretty funny.

We were watching tv late in the evening when a commercial came on saying to test FART to a number to get a picture of an elephant passing gas for your cell phone for only $10 per month. I said "gross" and Brian said "That is brilliant marketing". Oh men!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Arizona Science Center

I went with my friend and her 5 kids and my 3 kids to play at the Science Center.
After we went to Garcia's for lunch.
Some old ladies complemented us about how well behaved our kids were.
Lucky day, I guess!!
Oh and my friend is pregnant so we looked extra nuts:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mighty Mud Mania

The City of Scottsdale put on the Mighty Mud Mania again this year.
I used to go when I was little, but my kids were a little too timid.
It took Charlee and Oaklee a few minutes to get the feel for the mud. Then all three of them went through the little obstacle course.
The best part was when Oaklee went face first into the mud after the slide.
Oaklee and her cousin, Nina, got pretty cumfy in the gross mud pit.
Jaxson was not as muddy, but Johnny looks like he had fun.
We ate a HUGE icee while we waited in line for the slip-n-slide.

It was a fun day to spend with the cousins:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Charlee: A Teacher
Jaxson: A Worker Man and Fix Stuff
Oaklee: A Banker So I can see Daddy.
Scottee: Just like these 3 kids!!
Brian: "Me? I am a Banker"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What To Put??

Okay, so I am trying to figure out what to put on the girls' headstones. We did not purchase one for Trevee because we were going to wait until we got our tax return to buy one... now we get to buy two. So, I am trying to decide what to write on them. Do I go traditional with "Families are Forever" or "Our Beloved Angels" or do I go with what I really feel "See you later"? I want it to be from us... something we would really say... something we mean.

It has been a while since I updated. We are doing great. Jaxson got his papers to go to preschool next year. That is right. Three days a week, no kids which is good considering my next bit of news... I am the PTO President at our new charter school/ I am very excited. I am thinking that since it is the first year, no one can say that I am not as good as the last President. I also like the idea of scheduling the meetings hehe.
The summer has been packed with fun activities. I try to take the kids one place a day, the library, swimming, the science center, or anywhere out of the house for a couple of hours. I love Summer!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moving Update

Well, I would not advise moving into a house and leaving on vacation for a week the next day. i like to come home from trips to a clean house. Yeah, not this vacation. We are still stepping over stuff to get into the front door, but we are making progress. The kitchen is pretty much put together and the toy room was organized yesterday. Of course, the kids have already trashed it, but it looked good for about 10 seconds. We organized our closet and are working on the bathroom.It is hard going from a dream bathroom to a regular one, but I am only focusing on the positive. I love my new pantry. It is HUGE! This is great because I miss my old HUGE laundry room. When we are all unpacked, we will have a house warming party. Is it nerdy to throw yourself a house warming party? I am not sure of proper etiquette. Oh well, I will be tacky and show the house to my family and friends.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Theory

I wanted to tell you all my theory for why I had Trevee and Journee at 22 and 19 weeks. When Dr. Erickson went in to tie my tubes, he said there was a ton of scar tissue. My uterus had actually fused itself onto the front of my stomach. He had to make a 3rd incision because he could not reach everything because if all of the scar tissue. So, here is my theory. 1/3 of my uterus could not stretch because it was fused to my tummy. Once it got too stretched, my body went into labor. It kind of makes me happy to know why...

Bump Its

Okay, I know I am a big nerd, but I bought the As Seen On TV Bumpits for my hair while we were in California and I love them!! They make my hair look so cute. I know they look stupid, but they work great!! You all should try them. The best $10 I have spent in a while:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

The AC in our new house broke today. Needless to say, the 110 degree day has kindly invated our space. We sat down for dinner and Oaklee said, "It's freaking hot in here!" I told her that she can't say that... then again, I know I am who she learned it from. Yesterday we stopped at Love's truck stop for gas (Oaklee called it lovees). While we were going in, Oaklee said, "Why do we live here. I am boiling!!" Is it bad to be wishing for summer to be over when it just began?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Fun Vacation!!
Family Pictures on the Beach.
Cute Cousins going hunting for shells.

Cute Oaklee!!
Cheesy Charlee!! (Notice the tooth)
Jaxson is silly. Nice glasses, Jax!!
Being Mermaids in the sand:)
Aren't they so beautiful?
I never get a picture of just Brian and I. It turned out okay.
Oaklee learned to boogie board.
My funny brothers probably talking about manly stuff on the beach.
We had such a good time. The kids had fun. We hit great sales at the outlet mall. It was a perfect vacation with perfect weather. I love the beach, but I am so happy to be home and in my own bed:)
Happy 4th of July!!