Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jaxson's Room

This is a picture of Jaxson's room. When we put the house up for sale, I decided that there were not enough Jaxson's Parents looking at our home and decided to paint over it. I also took Trevee's letters off her wall. I tried to make it neutral as I separate my house from my heart... Now if we could only get an offer and make it worth the effort :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Cute Hubby's Quirks

Brian is great. Some things he does make me laugh and wonder...
**Brian will only eat cereal out of a plastic bowl with a large metal spoon and extra milk.
**Brian only eats ice cream with a metal spoon and plastic bowl.
** He brushes his teeth before breakfast??
** It takes him longer to make a sandwich than eat one. He pulls out like 20 things to put on the sandwich.
** He does "Quality", not "Quantity". I can do 10 things half hearted while he does 1 thing perfect:)
** He is FUNNY!! I know, most people don't know this, but he is.
** When we clean the house, the first thing he does is vacuum.
** He loves me even when I throw up and be sick all of the time:)

All in all... I think he is cute and I'll keep him!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This one's for Audra

On Sunday, I had a very unusual experience at church. I was teaching my class when one of my kids (Who I have warned 10 times not to) farted in my classroom. I ran down the hall, running over innocent bystanders (Sorry, Audra and whoever was with her), with my hand over my mouth. I made it to the bathroom to throw up. Needless to say, I kicked my sweet student out into the hall for a while. Eventually I returned and demanded an apology... You gotta love 11 year olds... or not!!

I am sick of Doctors Appointments!!

The last 2 weeks has brought like 10 doctors appointments. The kids each had dental cleanings, then Charlee (Who has 8 cavities and 3 more appointments), Oaklee, and Jax each had another appointment to fill cavities. Today, Jaxson had a cavity filled and he was nice and numb from it. I looked in the backseat to find him covered in blood. Not a little blood, but covered in blood!! I pulled over, cleaned him up, and called the dentist. (I had to make myself not take a pic for the blog before I cleaned him... Bad Mom of me to think of it first!!) My little man decided to eat an Oreo out of his car seat while numb and bit into his tongue. It looks awful!!. We had to go BACK to the dentist to have it checked. They don't stitch tongues. They heal very fast. Kind of like a grasshopper growing its legs back. hehe. Now he is just getting lots of Motrin. I had an appointment with the Endocrinologist to check my pregnant lady Thyroid, an appointment with the Perinatologist (OB Specialist), and another one tomorrow with my regular OB. Wheew!! I am so tired of Doctors appointments. I look forward to Summer and staying in my Jammies all day. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charlee lost a Tooth!!

Charlee went to the Dentist yesterday and the Dentist pulled her loose tooth. She was so excited she carried it around with her all day...

Until she lost it!!

We looked everywhere for it and could not find it. She ended up writing this sweet note to the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy gave her a shiny $.50 piece. She is so happy. I wish we could find the tooth!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Down on the Farm... A City Folk Hayride!!

We Went next door to see the Weathersby's new goat babies (Thanks so much!!). They are only 3 days old in these pictures. Everyone loaded in the back of the truck and we went on a "City Folk Hayride". My kids were too wimpy to do much with them, but Greg and Nancy's kids jumped right in there. Makoa was so funny!! Thanks to Logan and Colton for showing us all the fun stuff!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Gross Little Boy!!

Jax blew the GFI breaker in his room today during naps. We asked what happened because everything was all wet. We figured he somehow dumped his drink on it?? No!! He Peed on the outlet. Yes. He took off his diaper and peed on the outlet. I am glad electricity didn't travel up stream and shock the heck out of him... It just blew the breaker. Gross little Boy!!
Oaklee came to me a few minutes ago and said,
"Look Mom, My toes can give a thumbs up". Oaklee is getting too big for her 2T Jeans. Look at that growth Spurt!!(She is 4)

Grandma Randee gave the girls Spongebob Jammies for Valentines Day.

Actually being nice to each other... for the picture, that is!!

Congrats Terel!!

My cousin Terel won the State Wrestling Tournament last week. This was very special to my family because my cousin Tyrel, Terel's Brother, won this same tournament a few years ago. Ty took his own life just a couple of months ago. This is sad for our family, but I know that Ty was with Terel when he won and was so proud of his little brother. So, Congratulations, Terel!! You can read a neat article about Terel and Ty on my cousin Torel's Blog (Link on Right). I know, Torel, Tyrel, Terel... My Aunt and Uncle LOVE those T names!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Kids

I was doing Charlee's hair this morning and we had this conversation:
M: Charlee, you sure are pretty.
C: Yeah, and I am good at everything.
M: Maybe we should try to be humble.
C: I don't know what humble means.
M: Oh well... You will someday.

I was working on letters and writing with Oaklee this morning. She can really write the letters and even understood the whole clock thing... ie: Start at 2 o'clock to make an a. She was so good. She is starting to read now and can put the sounds together really well for a four year old. Actually, she is doing great for her age. Hopefully I can get her into Kindergarten next year, but fingers crossed because she is so young. She loves the Twilight CD and asks to listen to it every time we get in the car. She was in her car seat kicking her feet and singing. I asked her if she like this song and she said, "Yeah, can't you see my feet dancing?". Sooo Cute!!

Jaxson is so cute. He sings everything and has gained an appreciation for my Twilight CD as well. He sings all of the melodies and loves to play with me. Every night, he asks to stay up for "Two Minutes" and loves to take Brian's place in the bed... until Dad kicks him out. Every night, someone without a doubt will say, "Night Buddy. I hope you find your Dad" (from Elf). I am not sure why, but this is said to Jax all of the time. He is my Buddy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pregnancy... My Excuse to Eat Heaven

My new obsession is Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. I know they are so bad for me, but I love them. The peanut butter melts in your mouth and the chocolate is nice and creamy. I like to eat them cold out of the fridge. Sorry to all my friends in the "Fit Club" for the graphic details, but I guess getting fat is a bonus to the pregnancy thing like throwing up at church and feeling nauseated all of the time are a negative. I will take the positives with a smile and the negatives... with a smile, too. After all, this is the last time I will get to blame a pregnancy for moodiness and eating:)

Jaxson is 3!!

In too big of a hurry to pose with GoGo and Grandpa!
Hugging Grandma Randee.

Opening Prizes!
Blowing out the candles on his Spiderman Cake!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Saturday's $20 of Fun!!

Last Saturday, Brian thought it would be fun to take the kids Mini golfing. I thought it sounded like a lot of work, but I went along to help and laugh. We went to lunch first at Garcia's. Thanks to Greg and Ali's Christmas gift card, we only paid $6 for our meal. Each of the kids golfed and I beat Brian by 10+ strokes. It only cost us $14 to golf. Jax got mad when the last hole ate his ball and around the 10th hole, Oaklee had a little breakdown, but recovered by hole 14 or so.

Surprisingly a very enjoyable day of fun... all for $20!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Most AWESOME Picture EVER!!

Oaklee gave me this picture for Valentines Day. I could not stop laughing. I think it looks like she is saying "Rock On!!" instead of "I Love You". I thought after the last ugly post of her, I owed her a classic on the blog!

"This is all your fault!"

Greg was playing with the kids last week and threw a basketball at Charlee. Charlee bailed out of the way of the ball and ran into Oaklee. She fell onto the floor right on her face. Her nose broke some of the fall, but her forehead took the majority of the impact. She got a bloody nose and this nice "golf ball" on her forehead. Greg said sorry and she replied, "This is all your fault". He felt awful!! Later that night she told him that she forgave him and was still his friend, but he should not do that again!!
Her whole forehead is a big bump!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our New Fridge

2 weeks age, our fridge broke for the second and final time.

We had to put all of our food into ice chests and the outside freezer.

The kids loved to make a cool fort with the box.

Thank You to Costco for the Barry Family's New Fridge!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

9 weeks

So, I am thinking that it is probably normal to second guess yourself after loosing a baby. Did I do something wrong? Could I have changed the outlook? For me, the question has been, What if I realized I was leaking amniotic fluid sooner? Could I have been on antibiotics and held on a little longer? I was reading in my new pregnancy book that babies at 23 weeks can survive and babies at 24 weeks have a 50- 50 chance of growing into a healthy child. Trevee was born at 22 weeks. I was so close. I know that Trevee was not supposed to come to this Earth at this time, but I am sad. I feel like I could have done more. I am sure this has to do with my crazy, pregnant lady hormones, but I still wonder. I was just so close. I hope I can be observant enough this pregnancy to know if something happens. I was taking the doctors words as threats (Words like "early bedrest" and "early hospitalization"), but my friend told me that he was reassuring me. He wants to be very proactive and get me a healthy baby. I am really excited to go along with my nerves and fears. I saw my little lima bean in ultrasound yesterday. He or She knows that they are already loved. I worry about the bond. I did not really bond with Trevee and I know now that Heavenly Father was helping me to cope with what he knew was coming. I really want to bond with this little guy or girl. Everything will go great!! I need to remind myself of this point daily. What is supposed to happen will. I have faith in that:)

Pretty fat for 8 Weeks!!

(I took the pic last week!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


At what point does a child stop needing naps? At what point does a teenager want to take naps? At what point does an adult NEED naps? My kids are being turkeys about naps, but I really NEED a nap to make it through the day. I have been so exhausted. I know that I am always a little more tired when I am pregnant, but this is ridiculous. Yesterday I locked Jaxson in his room and made him take a nap so I could. I know!! I am a bad mom, but I am sooo tired. When I was a teenager, I liked an occasional nap, but as an adult, they can make or break my day. Jaxson is such a grouch when he misses his nap. So is Oaklee. Charlee can go either way. So, is it just part of growing up to need a nap? Oh well, I gotta go lay on the couch. Okay, Peace Out!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Some of you say how obsessed your kids are with Elmo, so listen to this. Oaklee wanted to play with "Tickle Me Elmo". While trying to find it, Brian came across "YMCA Elmo", "Hokey Pokey Elmo" , "Potty Time Elmo" and finally "Tickle Me Elmo". We have fallen for every Elmo Gag that has come out. So my friends, you are not alone:)